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Contract disaggregation, cloud native policy, improved procurement channels and the SMB drive by UK central government has created one of the most buoyant govtech marketplaces globally.

But, are you being heard above the noise, are you articulating your differentiation and are you standing out from the crowd? Do you need helping telling a govtech PR story?


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BJSS Case Study


BJSS lacked a profile and perception within central government. It had not effectively worked with its central government clients to positively impact the company’s profile and perception.


  • Grow BJSS’ brand profile with prospects in central government
  • Build BJSS’ reputation through the media as a proven modernisation and transformation partner
  • Increase knowledge of BJSS’ capability to deliver projects on time, whilst reducing costs and minimising vendor lock-in
  • Demonstrate how BJSS’ is different from its competition


Typically, central government doesn’t like to talk about its IT projects.

We recommended:

  • A ‘below the radar’ campaign that doesn’t attract prying eyes
  • Earning the trust of public sector executives
  • Playing to the personal aspirations of the DVSA’s technical director and building a campaign around him
  • Generating content that demonstrates the brilliance of DVSA’s modernisation programme
  • Relevant media outreach programme, securing press coverage that supports DVSA and BJSS
  • Establishing the processes to help BJSS develop future central government references


One opinion article authored to the DVSA, one case study and one Q&A article.

Coverage in:

  • Information Age
  • Government Computing
  • Digitalisation World
  • Public Spend Europe
  • BETA News