We’re relocating to Paddington

Written by Mantis PR

I try not to make a big deal of our working arrangements – everyone at Mantis can work wherever they like as long as they’re productive, engaged and happy. We’ve all worked in some weird and wonderful places over the years. I don’t see it as a USP or any other benefit – it’s just ‘our way’ of working.

However, we do like to have a base in London. We like a familiar spot to meet up, work together, have fun and catch up. It gives everyone a focal point when we need to be in the same place [usually once per week].

That base has been Euston for the past 5-years [an old British Rail building in the station]. However, we’re on the move! The Mantis team is relocating to 20 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington. Yes – we’re back to within walking distance of another mainline station!

I won’t lie, the HS2 high speed rail development has had a small hand to play in our decision! Our existing office building is closing to make way for the new rail service. BUT, we’d already been mooting a move as part of our new branding, website and services that we have launched this year. So, the timing is quite welcome!

For our current clients who like to visit, the reception team includes a couple of friendly faces from Euston, and I’m sure they will make you feel welcome. The space is much more flexible – we can work in the ground floor cafe, 1st and 8th floor workspaces or the 17th floor roof terrace. The new office is very reflecting of our overall approach to work locations.

And, yes, the roof terrace really is something else – you’re all welcome to join us for a few cold beers in summer!

I can’t wait to see you all in the office soon.

Summer fun at 20 Eastbourne Terrace

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