We believe that IT can fundamentally improve society whereby all citizens can benefit from the latest healthcare, local services, education and interaction with central, local government and beyond.

At Mantis, we help technology providers tell stories using clever content circulated through the right channels, to reach the right people. We get technology vendors known by the individuals and departments across the public sector. Public sector is our specialism - that means we know better than most the reasons why buyers buy, we know the key protagonists across the sector and we know every single.


In a world of Covid restrictions, restricted budgets and a demanding public, councils up and down the country have no choice but to knock down barriers to change and embrace digital.

Whether it be getting to grips with remote working technology so that council staff can continue to do their jobs; creating new workflows and citizen-facing forms to administer business grants, or sharing the important information people need to know about what is happening in their area – digital will help local government to deliver.

As a tech supplier, do you need help communicating your Tech PR story to local government?

Download our exclusive interview with Pete Fennell, Cantium’s Head of Marketing, to find out what it is like to move from a career in the private sector to work in the public sector, and in particular, for a LatCo.

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Contract disaggregation, cloud native policy, improved procurement channels and the SMB drive by UK central government has created one of the most buoyant govtech marketplaces globally.

But, are you being heard above the noise, are you articulating your differentiation and are you standing out from the crowd? Do you need helping telling a govtech PR story?


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It seems there is nothing like a global pandemic to sharpen the focus. A 2021 Technation report says healthtech dominates global tech investment ($65bn raised in 2020) and healthtech is second in the UK for VC investment behind only fintech. The perception of healthtech has shifted, there is now a mandate to innovate, to do whatever it takes – it's no longer eyed with suspicion, but embraced. As a tech supplier, do you need help to tell your healthtech PR, medtech and care story?

70% of our clients sell to the NHS, health and social care system, and private healthcare

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Joe Stringer
Listen to our exclusive Podcast with Joe Stringer, partner at healthtech and medtech investor, Octopus Ventures.

Download our exclusive interview with Tsachi Moshinsky, UK Director of OrCam, an Israeli medtech company and one of the world’s 38 healthtech unicorn companies.

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During June 2020, the UK government announced three edtech measures totalling more than £100 million of investment to boost remote learning. While the delivery of education digitally might not be for everyone, in the context of a pandemic, we can only be thankful that such advances have been made.

According to a 2021 Technation report, global edtech investment reached $13bn in 2020, an increase from $5bn in 2019.

As a tech provider, if you need help communicating your edtech PR story, please get in touch.

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Publishing a new report in July 2020, ‘State of Policing – The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales in 2019, Sir Thomas Winsor, the Chief Inspector, suggests improvements should be made in the procurement, usage, sharing and development of technology in policing.

The report suggests “Police should work with the Home Office and software suppliers to provide a solution so that all forces can proactively monitor use of their ICT systems.”

As a policetech supplier, do you need help communicating a tech pr story to the police services?

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Where govtech enables Government and its departments [national and local] to operate better together, civictech is helping citizens to engage with public services more efficiently and effectively; to enable citizens to get closer to Government and Government to get closer to its citizens. Civictech is enabling citizens to become more active in public services. If you have a tech pr story to tell, we can help.

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