Lily & Jo make it official

Written by Eleanor Willock

Lilian Smit and Joanna Clark are now officially Mantis permanent team members, after passing their probation. If we had a Mount Rushmore style rock, I’d be up there carving their faces into it. They belong to us now, thank goodness!

The first time we met Lily, it was the interview that didn’t end. We liked her so much we suggested she stay and hang out with us for the afternoon, and have another coffee. I’m so glad she did. Lily is a deep thinker, the one who says in ten words what it takes me 300 to say.

We are so proud to have her writing skills on board, her journalism degree really shows in materials like white papers and customer storytelling. I love hearing her on the phone to clients and the media, practical and skilful, always adding value. I also have myself a new partner in spokesperson training, which Lily has taken on with typical spirit and enthusiasm.

The first time I met Jo, she took on four of us talking at her at once, and still managed to come out on top, leaving us all in quite mumbling adoration by the end of it. We made her go to a pitch on her second day, where she had me high ‘fiving’ myself behind my own back with happiness at how smoothly she advocated our business after 8 hours of work for it.

She’s continued to silence us all ever since. We had 30 nominations for our Success of The Quarter, and a third of them were for her work. Jo has irrevocably changed some of her client campaigns for the better, quietly chalking up best ever coverage levels and focusing on cold, hard quality.

There are some super challenges coming up for both women – new clients, further new team members to mentor and manage. It’s brilliant to have them on board.

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