Mantis welcomes Refero to health and social care technology practice

Written by Eleanor Willock

Refero, a connectivity platform for collaboration across public sector boundaries, appointed Mantis in June this year, and it’s been one of the most rewarding clients I’ve worked with in my career so far.

This is in part due to the fact that I worked with Refero CEO Dan Worman in his previous role, and was really pleased when Refero grew from the company which he left to found, Cinos, and he came back to Mantis to help message the business proposition and launch the service.

We began work with Refero with our Mantis Discovery process, and soon learned that the technology is disruptive, but not destabilising, which is making many corners of the public sector curious about its benefits. Within two months, we’ve moved from talking about Refero as a primary care tech provider, to its application across health, social and education, as new customers have come on board. Working with a business which is evolving and gaining momentum so quickly is very exciting, and we’re loving it.

Refero is the digital connectivity behind better communication between healthcare provider and client, between health and social care providers, and between healthcare and education – using digital and video technology. This could mean a video call with a GP for the residents of a care home, or it could mean the chance to speak to a mental health professional over video for a fresher in halls of residence. The implications of this change in service delivery have strong detractors and supporters in the public eye, which provides us all with a tasty ‘change of minds’ challenge.

Mantis has worked on Refero’s messaging and guided the senior leadership through spokesperson training. Refero’s offering represents quite a leap forward in the way that citizens communicate with their health and social care providers, and its customers are the next generation of clinicians (or public servants), who are focusing on improving patient care (or service) for the next generation of citizens. We’ve put together a strategy to match this brave and confident technology with smart and forward-thinking influencers, both directly, and through a series of media moments.

Coverage so far has been strong, and Refero’s customers are keen to be part of our campaign, which is excellent (and not always a given, as many of you will know).

All this, coupled with the fact that I haven’t laughed so much in meetings for ages, because the Refero team are so sharp and funny and clever, is making the challenges a pleasure and the successes really joyful. Mantis is so pleased to be working on a business with such a strong sense of purpose and potential to change health and social care for people.

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