Out on a Lymm

Written by Martine Levene

Holding the only Northern post in our ever expanding Mantis team has never daunted me in the seven years I’ve been working at Mantis. Since I first met Gavin and Toby in a Viennese coffee shop near Euston Station, I’ve been working remotely from my home in Lymm in leafy Cheshire.

By keeping in constant contact with my fellow Mantosians, whether on skype or phone, it never feels like I’m working ‘on my own’.  To be honest, I love the quiet of my home office and it definitely makes the day more productive for writing and speaking to journalists.

You do need to be self-motivated though but I’ve never found that to be a problem! I look forward to meeting up with my team every month, but equally love coming back home too after a day in London.  Being a working mum can be very challenging, particularly when your children are younger, but I’ve been very fortunate to have found a company that allows me to work in surroundings that work for me and my family.

Working remotely has given me the gift of keeping a job that I love and always being there for my children whilst they grow up.

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