TWENTY #Govtech podcasts for 2020

Written by Lilian Smit

The podcast has soared in popularity over the past few years, from its humble beginnings as an audio file downloaded to your iPod from iTunes, to become more accessible than ever. For every wickedly funny podcast out there, there is another incredibly informative one, in fact you can probably find one on every topic imaginable. This is particularly true for govtech UK and we encourage our clients to put themselves forward for podcasts as another media platform. 

To give you a flavour of our recommended public sector, IT and work related podcasts, we asked our team to put forward one industry show that they would recommend as well as personal favourite for good measure!

Here is the Mantis top 20 for 2020:


  • Eleanor Willock, General Manager 

The BotCast from We Build Bots  “Not currently running but an absolute goldmine of public sector digital transformation stories straight from the public sector leaders themselves – expect strategy, insights and challenges.” 

Personal choice: You’re Dead To Me “Horrible Histories’ Greg Jenner takes on historical figures in depth with two guests, one expert and one interested but clueless, for a funny and fact-filled hour of entertainment.”

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