Covid19 healthtech supplier signposting

Written by Eleanor Willock

In the past week or so a few organisations have stepped forward to build databases or repositories of tech suppliers that the NHS, local government or wider public services can quickly call upon for help during the current crisis. If you have tech that can help, here’s where you need to register your support:

  • #Healthtech, Industry associations techUK and Socitm have joined forces to build a repository to direct councils to offers of help from technology suppliers. The repository is being divided into a number of categories: Volunteering and supply and demand to the most vulnerable; remote working; managing demand; e-forms; scaling support; digital health; cyber security; and education support. You can read more here or contact techUK’s head of programme for local public services directly to be added to the repository.


  • #Healthtech, The healthcare startup team at AWS is working to get relevant, production-ready, clinically-adopted solutions into the hands of healthcare providers around the world. This AWS team has a site to match inbound demand from care providers around the world with best-in-breed solutions. Sign up here.


  • #Healthtech, a new LinkedIN Group has launched for companies with digital health solutions which can help others manage this crisis. Anyone can add their details, membership is open. Sign up here:


  • #Localgovtech, Tech vendors Dell EMC and WifiSpark have set up a forum to enable the NHS to post what tech support it needs and for healthtech firms to respond. The message board is designed to bring the NHS and private sector closer together. You can sign up here.


  • #publicsectortech, Covering a slightly broader view, the Government itself is also calling for suppliers to step forward and share details of they can do to help. From a tech point of view, the Government is asking for suppliers with expertise or support in IT, manufacturing, construction, project management, procurement or engineering. Register here.
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