Starting my Masters in Journalism as coronavirus transforms edtech

Written by Lauren Gill

I’m very proud and extremely excited to have secured a place on Falmouth University’s MA Journalism course, which I will begin on 1 June. Whilst Falmouth also happens to be where I live, I’ll study remotely and flexibly over the course of the next two years, following this exciting programme which looks at news now, and in the future – and is taught by leading experts in the field at the country’s top creative institution.

It was in fact the virus that helped me decide to go for it, after years of pondering further study. As you progress through life, acquiring a husband and two children plus being fortunate enough to reach a certain level in your career, it can be hard to make the time and space to follow your dreams. This period of lockdown reflection has helped me to see there is no time like the present, and I knew I’d be supported by Mantis and could make it work.

What I didn’t know is the extent to which the virus would transform the edtech landscape, and working for a PR agency which specialises in communications for edtech clients, I find myself in the interesting position of embarking on a course in a VLE which while for me it was a choice, will now become the norm for students up and down the country. As I progress in my studies, it will be fascinating to see how this develops – bringing together my experience in the professional work while developing my journalistic skills on the tech beat.

Not wanting to sound too prehistoric, I can’t help but observe the changes that the advance of technology has driven just in the process of enrolment. Registration for my first degree in Lancaster back in 2000 was a completely paper-driven process, with email only just coming into play! 20 years on and I am already equipped with apps, shared workspaces and webinars for everything you can imagine, with access at my fingertips on any device 24/7.

While the delivery of education digitally might not be for everyone, in the context of the pandemic, we can only be thankful that such advances have been made. We are unable to connect in person right now, but it is incredible that we can continue to learn and expand our minds regardless. I look forward to sharing dispatches from my course from time to time here on the Mantis blog and using what I learn to enhance client campaigns as we navigate our way through these transformative times.

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