In celebration of Joanna Clark our latest VIP Copy

Written by Bryony Cox

Joanna (Jo) Clark is our latest ‘Very Important Promotion’, she is now a Senior Account Manager (SAM).

Some days stick in your mind for all the right reasons. One of those days was in February 2018 when Jo came to us for her interview. My friend and former colleague Dave Wedderburn interviewed her and the first thing he said to me afterwards was “you’ll love Jo”. He was right.

In her first week with us we threw her straight into a new business pitch because we knew she was brilliant and had already proved to be a very valuable member of our team. Since then she’s continued to astound us, and her clients, with her indefatigable ability to get things done and capacity for superb ideas and consultancy. Jo is constantly positive, professional, reliable and hardworking. She’s also a fantastic line manager to Luke and Caitlin.

The leadership team at Mantis set up the business to be flexible. They were sick of working for large agencies and knew they could create a different kind of agency where the team could do better work for clients outside of the tired culture of corporate life. They chose to seek staff based on their talent, experience and potential and measure success on achievement and engagement.

I know (because she’s told me) that Mantis’ focus on achievement and wellbeing has enabled Jo to flourish into the wonderful SAM that she is today.

Well done Jo!

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