Podcast: NHS relationships with private-healthcare through the pandemic and beyond Copy

Written by Eleanor Willock

In episode 10 of our podcast series, Mantis PR MD Eleanor Willock met Rachel Waters, director of development, NHS, at HCA healthcare. Although Rachel ends 2021 in independent healthcare, she started it as Director of Programme Delivery in the NHS, where she led a team through the eye of the pandemic storm, securing the resources hospitals needed to deliver care to all patients, both Covid sufferers and those needing critical care.

Rachel and Eleanor talk about how the NHS expanded its footprint and worked with private healthcare during covid, and how that will continue to work. They discussed the differences between private partnership and privatisation for the NHS, how to lead a team in a crisis, how clapping for the NHS affected her, and what would happen if she had ten minutes in an Uber with Sajid Javid.

Take a listen if you’re new to navigating the private or public healthcare delivery landscape.


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