How does DA affect a Public Sector Tech PR campaign?

Written by Tom Harvey

The way marketers and PR experts measure the impact of coverage has been changing rapidly in recent years. Everybody needs the magic assurance that coverage directly results in new leads. Advances in data collection and analysis mean that online media is now much more able to signpost how likely those inbound leads might come to pass, if coverage in their title is inked. 

Previously, PR agencies would focus on the amount of readers that a publication attracted to measure the success of a news story or article. However, the rise of search engine optimisation (SEO) has seen the number of monthly unique users (MUUs) coming to a website become less of a priority and instead be  replaced with Domain Authority (DA).

DA’s creator, Moz, defines DA as a search engine ranking score which predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. This is important because the higher the DA scores of publications a business or product is referenced in, the higher their Google and SEO rankings will be and the further up they will appear on search engines. 

In short, if you make SaaS finance solutions for local government, when that phrase, or your company name is searched for, both will come higher in the rankings if you have been mentioned in the pages of an online publication with high DA. When it comes to earned, or paid media, it’s your PR agency’s job to make that happen for you, and suggest the best possible media targets for public sector tech firms. 

We like to see our clients in trade media with DA scores higher than 45. A national newspaper would have far higher DA rankings, around the 90s. As a side note, many brands choose which blogging influencers to work with based on their DA rankings, as well as the types of engagement they have on social media, something impacting more and more on B2B and B2G comms, too. 

 If you’d like to know more about how to create a strategy to target high DA media with strong govtech and public sector content, please get in touch with us here

If you would like to check the DA of these publications or other websites, tools including Moz’s domain analyser can provide you with more information. It’s important to note that DA rankings change, regularly, and that they are to be used in conjunction with other considerations as to whether coverage in a publication will get the impact you want. 

We’ve produced a list of Govtech and Healthtech media with high DA rankings. You can download this here.

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