It’s another financial quarter gone for us!!!

Written by Eleanor Willock

It’s another financial quarter gone for us. November to January is never normally my favourite – it’s both our quietest and most busy months all at the same time, which can make it slightly challenging from a resource perspective.

This year, however, has been one of my favourites. It has been such a positive start.

Bryony Cox has been promoted to Senior Account Manager, which you can read about here. Bryony joined us as a Senior Account Executive in 2014 and has worked so hard on her career and personal development. In the end, it was an easy decision for us to make for someone so talented. Bryony is now leading the campaigns for five of our clients.

Lilian Smit also joined us as a Senior Account Executive and is proving to be absolutely amazing. She has already got to grips with her new clients and is making really valuable contributions to the campaigns. Lilian is joining our growing contingent of west-country folk [alongside Anna, Eleanor and Vicky] and will be based in Bristol.

Sarah Allison has also joined our team on a part-time basis to provide delivery support – writing content, securing interviews, and generating press coverage! She is making a fab contribution too.

Amongst all of this amazing team news we also managed to set up a training session too with Louise Thompson who is ‎Director of Communications – ‎Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Louise chatted to the team about her experiences of working in an NHS comms’ roll and hopefully we can apply what we have learned to our client campaigns going forward.

Lastly, and I’m not sure if this is more exciting or on a par with our growing team, but we have also begun to work with two new clients CoSector – which delivers digital, IT, career development and housing services to students, graduates, professionals and employers. Plus, Riello, which is one of the world’s largest Uninterruptible Power Supply providers.

Otherwise, we’re all looking forward to an amazing second quarter. We should hopefully have another new account manager joining our team. We have several new business opportunities to win and, we will, brain power and patience permitting, be completely GDPR compliant!


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