Mantis Helps Battle Fear of the Robots

Written by Eleanor Willock

Cortex is working with Mantis PR in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands to build greater awareness of its business, automation & AI software to customers in telecoms, cloud, BPO, insurance and financial industries. And, the PR team will help to build Cortex’s profile with current and potential delivery partners.

Cortex’s intelligent automation software is used by enterprise organisations across the UK, EMEA, America and Canada. It is used to replace manual processes with intelligent automation in organisations and, in doing so, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

“Cortex knows it has a challenge on its hands because managers and employees still ‘fear the robots are coming to take jobs says,” Gavin Loader, managing director, Mantis. “That’s not the case, obviously. This type of software – quite amazing and clever really – is used to automate those jobs, tasks and processes, that nobody else wants to do, and leaves people, employees, to focus on tasks that really need a human touch. Part of our job will be communicating the positive messages and success stories to potential customers, to address market concerns, and drive engagement with partners that Cortex can enable for delivery and integration of its software.”

Kate Evans, marketing manager for Cortex, says, “I have worked with the team at Mantis before and everyone did an amazing job, so I was keen to continue our relationship via Cortex. They’ve always been great at creating campaigns; understanding market issues, producing good copy and making connections to the right media.”

The campaign will create content that sells the benefits of Automation and Machine Intelligence (MI) software. The team will aim to create lasting relationships between Cortex and the trade media and generate press coverage that gets prospects and partners excited.

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