What my first 100 days at Mantis has taught me

Written by Joanna Clark

When you move into a new role people often ask you how it’s going, what you’ve learnt and why it’s different? Well, as I finish up my first 100 days at Mantis now is probably as good a time as any to answer those questions, but before I go into what an amazing bunch they are. I want to talk a little about what attracted me to Mantis in the first place and why I went for it.

I’ve always worked in technology PR, but more and more found myself wanting to work with clients that had a real-life impact. For me, there’s nothing better than seeing how technology can change peoples’ lives for the better, especially in healthcare. Having already worked with businesses selling technology into the public sector, I knew it was an area I wanted to focus on and learn more about.

Well, working at Mantis has certainly delivered on that! More than anything the past few months have really opened my eyes to challenges and inner workings of public sector organisations. The clients at Mantis have taught me that the future of our much-loved and sometimes heavily criticised healthcare system, doesn’t just rest squarely on the shoulders of the NHS and the Government. Companies of all sizes are responsible for introducing truly innovative technology which improves efficiency, reduces costs and most importantly to me, improves the experience for patients.

There’s certainly no typical day at Mantis, cliché I know – but it’s true! Although, I’m not talking about the job itself, I’m very familiar with the fast pace of agency life and the how different it can be day to day. Working from home has actually been very liberating and I think it’s made me far more productive. Getting rid of my daily commute has made such a difference to my work-life balance and I can always arrive at work bang on time (a revelation after years of delayed trains, missing drivers and ‘unexpected’ weather). The days that I do go into the office are a chance to catch up and get my fix of caramel lattes. Also ‘away day’ working has been really refreshing, as I get the opportunity to meet up with colleagues around the country and spend the day working in a café, Paddington office, or our new shiny Bristol office.

Professional growth matters at Mantis and as we all know, whatever stage of your career, you can always learn something. More often than not, when we do all meet up, the conversation will turn to changes in the industry, upcoming policies or an interesting new find that someone has made. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes Mantis different, it’s the time and effort that everyone puts into supporting each other. Everyone has an energy for what they do which motivates them to learn and achieve more. Not to mention they know how to have a laugh along the way, the amount of times I’ve caught myself giggling into my laptop, is frankly embarrassing; the lady who runs my local coffee shop must think I’m crackers! When I have been asked about how life at Mantis is going, there’s always one thing I find myself saying and that’s that ‘I feel more confident in my abilities’. So, although changing roles can sometimes be daunting, it’s taught me that it’s good to get out of your comfort zone, take opportunities when you see them and lastly, you can be productive outside the four office walls.

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