Bryony Cox, our VIP

Written by Eleanor Willock

It’s January, there are a lot of wise owls about. Not only are they audible outside my house at night, but they are in the office too. Bryony Cox is such an owl, and as of this month, she’s a VIP too – a Very Impressive Promotion. Bryony is now our latest Account Director.

As you know, we’re recruiting, and I’ve been talking to our clients about what makes a good AD, because obviously it’s their opinion that matters most. One of Bryony’s clients, another wise owl, whilst describing what he looks for in an AD, inadvertently gave me the words to express why this promotion was inevitable and so deserved for B herself (thanks Iain!).

Bryony’s level of understanding gives her a permanent edge, but it’s her commitment for getting that knowledge in the first place that makes her really special. Particularly as its consistent across all her clients.

A while ago, you might have seen a picture Bryony posted of her meeting Sima Kotecha, the BBC correspondent, at some filming for a news feature. Nothing stands out to me more than the smile across Bryony’s face. It’s the smile of someone who saw that opportunity, grafted and didn’t stop grafting until she’d created a narrative, and made that meeting happen. If you’re an AE now and you want to continue in PR – that look, that passion and pleasure in getting coverage, is one which you should take note of, because it shouldn’t ever go away, even at AD level. Bryony inspires all of us at Mantis by always looking for her next way to influence for our clients.

I hope that lots of you reading this know Bryony already, as she has been with Mantis five years in 2019. Her attitude, cheerfulness, creativity and stubborn determination are woven into the way we run the company, and she is truly valued here, and by her clients.

I have to say, Bryony, you amaze me. Many people reading this will feel the same.

Well done on your promotion.

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