6 months at Mantis – how did the time go so fast?

Written by Caitlin Napier

Where I am now doesn’t even compare to where I was just 6 months ago, proving to me just how much things can change in such a short space of time.

When I first graduated Bath Spa University in 2017, I paid my dues by working my way up in Caffe Nero while freelance writing for almost a year before going to meet our Client Services Director Eleanor in (an equally cosy) coffee shop in Bath for my first interview. We chatted tea, hamsters, politics, and all things PR – and I got unquestionably good vibes that Mantis was the place for me.

Being a part of the team here in Bristol has enabled me to work from home in my slippers, in our quirky and wonderful co-working space in the city centre, or just about any cute cafe that takes my fancy. This isn’t forgetting the productive monthly meetings in London with my other amazing colleagues, and regularly being in touch with all my clients and helping them to grow. It really is great to work so closely with clients that help to improve the lives of the population – I feel like I make a difference, and the public sector is definitely a rewarding area to be in.

I won’t lie, the idea of launching myself in a PR career seemed rather daunting at first, but this bunch of people (who my lovely fellow AE Luke Allsop has christened ‘Mantosians’) has made it challenging, exciting, and positive in equal measure. I have been able to hone my writing skills, and learn the many nuances of client services under the wing of some real-life PR magicians.

I’ll always appreciate the way my colleagues have helped me to grow, and I look forward to seeing what my next six months here holds for me.

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