Why Mantis is my ‘work heaven’

Written by Eleanor Willock

Having worked in B2B tech for most of my PR career, I was nervous to leave my previous job for ‘just another B2B tech agency’.

Then I came across Mantis and I realised that I no longer had to because this was definitely not ‘just another B2B tech agency’. The Mantis team includes real experts in B2B technology for the public sector, which means that each and every one of its twenty clients is working to make a real impact on people’s lives be that in healthcare, social care, education, local and central government or law enforcement.

Now, pair this deep knowledge and expertise with a bunch of truly talented and above all genuinely nice and fun people and there I am in ‘work heaven’! Not to mention how impressed I’ve been to see how involved and hands-on the senior team is on each account – I find myself working alongside and, learning directly from, the campaign directors and client services director every day!

Another important topic that is close to my heart is being a working mum in PR. Having previously experienced the stress and discrimination that often accompanies working parents in a demanding job, I felt relieved to see the level of support I’ve been receiving from everyone at Mantis. Mantis is built on a flexible working model that allows people to work in the way that works best for them. This means that we can all focus on delivering the best results to our clients without worrying about tube delays or missing the school run.

I couldn’t feel more at home than with my Mantis family and I’m proud to be called a Mantosian! This is the start of a great journey and I look forward to sharing it with my colleagues!

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