Joining Mantis: First Impressions

Written by Lauren Gill

It’s early days for me in my new role as Account Director, but I can honestly say that joining team Mantis has been a complete breath of fresh air in the sometimes smog-shrouded PR landscape. Having notched up a decade and half (ahem) working in PR and Communications this year, it’s fair to say I’ve experienced almost every kind of scenario and set up. Never have I felt the sense of true team spirit so keenly as at Mantis – where the success of clients, the business and each of us as individuals are intrinsically intertwined – and thrive in the very best possible way.

This team spirit is in part derived from a shared passion for all things tech. Everyone at Mantis gets a thrill from working at the cutting-edge of innovation; it’s what puts fire in our bellies and make us a pretty dynamic bunch if I do say so myself. Distill it down further still, and we’re all pretty good eggs at heart. Throughout my career it has been mission-driven campaigns for companies like Dyson and Discovery Channel, where doing good goes hand in hand with getting down to business, that have had the most impact both for me personally and of course for society at large. Mantis takes it one step further, specialising wholly in PR support for companies selling tech solutions into the public sector – companies which are innovating to improve everyone’s lives.

Take Florence – connecting nurses with care home shifts via its marketplace which cuts out the astronomical recruitment fees sucking money out of the social care system. As communicators, it is easy to be engaged, inspired and passionate about driving a force for good – making ourselves a seamless extension of our clients’ team so that we can deliver exceptional campaigns which raise profile and awareness time and again.

Tech is not only the business of our clients, but is also what enables us to work anywhere and everywhere – and without the outdated constraints of four office walls, we are free to work as we do best, alongside colleagues who have been hired because they bring their own unique and brilliant skillset to the team, regardless of their physical location. Bringing it full circle, the best thing so far having just spent 18 months as a self-employed consultant is to now be working alongside this fantastic bunch of people at what strikes me as a very special kind of company. It’s very empowering to feel you can make a difference and I’m excited to be part of a team with a role to play in real societal change!



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