TWENTY for 2020: the top public sector trade associations to connect

Written by Luke Allsop

The voice of a trade association or independent trade body is often the most powerful, trusted and prominent voice on issues troubling the public sector or its suppliers.

Where one lone voice can be ignored or overlooked, a trade association carries the support of multiple voices and can often shift and shape whole industries.

The work of techUK has been vital in bringing together commercial tech businesses, especially SMEs, and Government. The campaigning power of Innopsis has helped to give commercial networking suppliers a strong voice on the development of networks such as PSN, the Emergency Services Network and the Health and Social Care Network.

As a supplier, joining a trade association is often one of the simplest ways of making a positive impact on the markets you are trying to reach. We’ve put together a list of 20 trade associations to connect with and consider supporting or joining in 2020:


ABHI – Association of British Health Tech Industries

The Association of British Health Tech Industries helps to shape the health tech industry, and helps show the value of health technology in overcoming the barriers to people benefitting from it now and in the future. The association represents the health tech industry to key stakeholders such as governments, healthcare systems and regulators.


APHA – Association of professional healthcare analysts

APHA is an organisation aiming to raise the profile of healthcare analysts and provide a professional support network. It aims to drive up the quality of analytics as an aid to evidence-based decision-making in a modern health and care system. The organisation also aims to support the NHS strategy and vision by providing knowledge and insight to encourage better decision making.

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