Healthtech and NHS tech – finding the truth

Written by Eleanor Willock

It’s probably not a massive surprise to see that ‘NHS tech’ has been trending on Google in the past few months. Since the turn of the year and the emergence of Covid-19, the search term is most definitely on an upward curve [see Google graphic below].

My guess is that it’s the NHS looking for healthtech suppliers to help them operate through the current pandemic, tech suppliers looking to understand the market, or other interested people looking to understand how tech might help us break the lockdown, get people back to work and save lives.

Finding a trustworthy source of information, trends and news is really tricky. We’ve all got that one mate who knows a ‘nurse’ who heard on the hospital grapevine that a researcher in a cave in Taiwan has found a piece of software that can track every Covid-19 case, and we can’t forget Calum Best’s expert views playing the 5G blame game. 

What’s the answer? Good old fashioned independent, trusted, knowledgeable and informed journalists. Here’s our suggestions of who to follow:


Matthew White

Web: Health Tech News [HTN]


News: “Each week as part of our Health Tech Heroes series we recognise and say thank you to those in health tech making a real difference.” Read more.


Jasmine Rapson, Technology Correspondent

Web: Health Service Journal

News: “Exclusive: IT contractors warned not to ‘exploit’ pandemic for ‘personal gain’.” Read more.


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