An international career at a tech unicorn

Written by Eleanor Willock

Mantis works with OrCam, an Israeli medtech company and one of the world’s 38 healthtech unicorn companies. Our Managing Director Eleanor Willock spoke to Tsachi Moshinsky, OrCam’s UK Director, to find out what this year has been like for him, and whether being part of a unicorn business affects his sales and marketing strategy.

I first met Tsachi almost a year ago. When I say first met, obviously, I’ve never met him. He’s based in Israel and this is 2020. We spoke on video call, a lot, and he engaged Mantis to run his UK PR campaign, working with over 20 agencies worldwide. He’s on my list of people I have never met, yet can’t wait to have a drink with. We have worked as one big, brilliant team, and achieved some incredible results this year.

Where were you in life when you got the job at OrCam?

I’d been in Zurich for 10 years, working across the DACH territory in fintech sales and marketing. The initial conversation at OrCam was for me to head the same territory, but the UK market came up – and I preferred to take a challenge.

“I’d reached a point in life where I needed more motivation to succeed, growing numbers wasn’t enough.”

OrCam provided me with the perfect change of goal, working on truly life-changing tech. I’ve been here 16 months now.


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