10 editorials to follow during the Conservative leadership race

Written by Faye Williamson

After what feels like years of personal digs and underwhelming television debates, we are finally bracing ourselves for the results of the Conservative Leadership election – and therefore, the revealing of our next prime minister.

In this final stretch, a renewed wave of excitement will occur in many people, hungry to know finally, what the results are. As we anticipate who will be next to occupy Number 10 and what that means for the public sector and beyond, here are 10 editorial columns to keep you informed as we inch closer to the results.



Sometimes politics news gets a little wordy. Politico provide the perfect balance of traditional reporting and clear infographics that break down fascinating statistics. For example, its ‘By the numbers’ infographic provides a breakdown of who MPs in the House of Commons have been backing in terms of different policies.

As an US-based publication, Politico offers some interesting spins on the leadership, such as this piece on Washington’s reaction to Liz Truss, and considers the future of UK-US relationship. This column provides many speculative ‘what if’ articles, offering a taste of the potential landscape under Sunak and Truss, and what their policies would look like in real life.

Financial Times


In-depth news, opinion, and long-form listicles – Financial Times covers a wide variety of bases for reporting on the Conservative Leadership, proving to be a good all-rounder. However, its opinion pieces are where it really gets to the nitty gritty, such as this one on leaders rejecting party unity, or this critical piece opposing the current state of deciding the next prime minister.

As is the case with many editorial sites, some of the pieces are behind a paywall and require a subscription to read.

Inside Housing

Industry-specific publication Inside Housing has been releasing a stream of articles discussing the leadership race and what it means for all things social housing. Not only do its reporters reflect on the impact of the leadership change itself, but also potential cabinet shuffles including this piece suggesting Rees-Mogg’s involvement in housing under a Truss win.

Make sure to register to access a wider range of content or you can sign up for a paid subscription to access premium content.

The Conversation


The Conversation has a unique position in the editorial world, all its articles are written by academics. Looking through the list of contributors, you’ll see lecturers and professors from the likes of University of Birmingham, University of Texas and Queen Mary, University of London.


The expertise of many of its contributors lead to articles with very specific angles, like this one using computerised text analysis to reveal the linguistic tendencies of Sunak and Truss.

Public First


Alongside providing your usual editorial column – discussing the leadership race with levelling up, manifestos and education plans – Public First has created a handy policy tracker gathering up the claims in real time as the two budding leaders announce them.

There are 20 sections to follow which the publication claims are the ‘issues the public cares about the most’, including cost of living, health and social care, crime and policing, and technology and digital.



Known for its stripped back, time-friendly format, iNews has extensive coverage on the lead up to the Conservative leadership results, including exclusives, without having to sift through pages of jargon. From covering the basics, to offering analysis into what could happen under different leadership, a bit of everything is available.

You will need to register to access the articles and subscribe to have unlimited access to their take on the run-up.

New Statesman


New Statesman is covering the leadership with an array of Comment pieces, from direct analysis of the runners, to alternative interpretations and the reminder of the issues in the UK ongoing during this period. Together, these approaches give a 360 perspective, not just on the squabble and scramble of the leadership, but the wider impact outside of the party politics.

Again, there is a limit on the number of free articles you can access. If you want to delve into more than three this month, you’ll need to invest.


Bloomberg UK


UK-focused with a global presence, Bloomberg UK has been busy reporting on the leadership race news in both UK and global applications.

If you want regular updates that consider the picture and keep you informed, this one is a trustworthy pick.


Prospect Magazine


Covering a variety of current affairs issues, Prospect Magazine boasts an ‘independent, balanced analysis’ of news and ideas of British and global topics. The publication offers accessible political coverage via its website, a monthly magazine, and its podcast, The Prospect Podcast. Read their thoughts on how the future prime minister will (or won’t) deal with the challenges ahead, or listen to them talk through the possibility of a Labour win.


The Week


The Week Magazine is informative first and foremost, ensuring to let its readers know of all news developments, including its ‘Getting to grips with’ column which unravels the key information of some of UK politics’ biggest talking points.

However, where it gets especially interesting for the leadership race is in its ‘Today’s big question’ column, considering the proposed policies’ impact on the likes of energy bills, the NHS crisis and tax policy.

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